The Cygnus Group helps its clients build successful long-term customer franchises.
We specialize in the development of strategic marketing, communications and branding programs for Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions and high tech startups. 

Strategic Planning and Marketing Management
Our goal is to help clients develop and communicate market positions, messages and value propositions that are relevant, distinctive, credible and highly motivating. For example, we have recently completed the following projects:

Strategic marketing plan, brand-naming and identity package for a successful Fortune 50
e-business spin-off.

Re-branding initiative for a Fortune 100 packaging materials supplier.

Brand name creation for three new products for a Fortune 50 company.

Web site re-design for a Fortune 25 global packaged goods company.

Branding initiative for a Top Five business school.

Environmental strategy and program development at a Fortune 50 materials company.

You can read brief overviews of a few of these.

What all of these programs have in common is process: We start by asking the one obvious question that is all-too-commonly forgotten in the rush to "make something happen": What are you trying to accomplish? Starting there, we have established a logical, iterative 6 phase program designed to get results quickly and efficiently.

Application of Marketing and Communications Techniques to the Public Sector
We also have worked with organizations like the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) to help make the public aware of environmental issues and ways to think about emerging Environmental, Health & Safety topics. Please check out The Use Less Stuff (ULS) Report, one of our larger development efforts.

For more information, please contact Bob Lilienfeld, President.

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